Inbound Voice

It's still 'Good to Talk'. Create flexible Inbound Voice and IVR campaigns in minutes

With Voice still accounting for 70% of all customer interactions it’s a critical communication channel to get right. It needs to be easy to use and flexible yet still deliver all the advanced features you need.

ipSCAPE Voice is 100% delivered from the Cloud, “As a Service” which means you have scalable voice capacity and can add extra agents when you need them or reduce your team when there’s less demand. You can also add in new remote agents in minutes to manage unexpected call spikes.

The IVR offers a user friendly interface to help you change work-flows or recordings in seconds. This gives customers greater choice of self-service options and your agents more time to deal with complex tasks. The simple call-back feature means customers don’t have to wait in the queue – they simply enter the phone number on which they would like to be called back.

Plus usage based, flexible pricing.

ipSCAPE gives you control

Expensive and time consuming change requests to external providers are a thing of the past with ipSCAPE. The easy to use web interface puts control at your fingertips – so you can add or rework campaign scripts, workflows and agent allocations in minutes – and be live as soon as you press ‘save’.

With services delivered to hundreds of customers in over 20 countries, you can always count on ipSCAPE Voice.

Key Features

Flexible pricing

Usage based pricing that scales up or down with your business growth.

Easy to use campaign builder

ipSCAPE’s easy to use DIY software means you can set up new campaigns in hours – no 3rd parties or IT required.

Call recording included

Record, encrypt and store calls as required. Access via a secure URL which can be written to your customer's record in your CRM.

Scale inbound capacity in seconds

When inbound call volumes spike you can quickly allocate more agents, move to IVR self-service or access remote agents.

Manage results in real-time

Real time dashboards and analytics help you track campaign performance by the minute and adapt as needed.

Single agent toolbar

With ipSCAPE your agents manage all interaction through a single toolbar which improves agent productivity and speed of training.

Graphical IVR and self service tools

Make real time changes to the IVR and give customers advanced self-service options to save agent time.

Integration, CTI and screen pop

Integrate your contact centre with all applications to create a single source of truth about the customer.

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