Conversation Analytics

The real voice of the customer delivered in real-time.

Responding fast to customer issues through live analysis gives any business a competitive edge. Net Promoter Score is a useful metric.

We know that companies with higher NPS claim to experience faster revenue growth and retain more customers. But the challenge with NPS is that whilst it will indicate whether you have a problem, it won’t tell you what the problem is.

In contrast, Conversation Analytics finds the evidence behind the NPS ratings by capturing and analysing all phone conversations with customers. It can quickly pinpoint the areas that are raising red flags –be it a topic, an agent, or a region. By capturing the dialogue, the context, the sentiment and the emotion, it provides a complete representation of customers’ views.

Easy to use integrated solution

ipSCAPE has partnered with industry leading Conversation Analytics provider Call Journey to create a simple, easy-to-use analytics programme which runs as part of the ipSCAPE solution. All call recordings are analysed in real-time to identify key words, phrases or emotions. Customised wall boards then allow you to understand your customer sentiment in real-time and quickly take remedial action before the issue escalates.

Key Features

Flexible pricing

Usage based pricing that scales up or down with your business growth.

Seamless integration

Call Journey has fast, proven integration with your ipSCAPE solution.

Fast implementation

Call Journey and ipSCAPE can be implemented in 3-4 weeks.

Gain real customer insight

With Call Journey and ipSCAPE you can track and evaluate the real content and outcome of 100% of customer calls.

Real-time reporting

Create live tracker dashboards of agent performance and customer sentiment.

Respond in real-time

Call Journey and ipSCAPE provides real-time visibility of customer issues – which you can then respond to quickly and effectively.

Test and experiment

Start by implementing Call Journey and ipSCAPE on just a few campaigns. If successful the solution can rapidly roll out through the business.

Upgrades as standard

Call Journey and ipSCAPE is a 100% cloud technology solution. All upgrades are delivered as part of the standard PAYG price.

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