Introducing Fiona Boyd - our new Chief Executive Officer

I am excited to be part of ipSCAPE and to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of clients and partners across Australia, Europe and Asia. I am also very fortunate to work with an incredibly talented and dedicated team, who have built ipSCAPE into the company it is today.

Our vision is to build on the success to date and to continue our investment in cloud-based technology which helps our clients to grow their businesses and enhance the experience of their customers. Sometimes, our cloud-based solutions are also used to solve unique challenges.

For instance, we are developing with our Indonesian partner telkomtelstra - a cloud-based contact centre solution for the Komnas Perempuan institution in Jakarta (National Commission on Violence Against Women). This solution will enable effective distribution of calls to volunteers and after-hours support, route urgent calls to police, retrieve messages for immediate action, and monitor progress via reports. Violence against women is a global human rights challenge, including here in Australia, and we are honoured that ipSCAPE technology is being used to support this special initiative.

I attended the recent launch in Jakarta together with our partner, Erik Meijer - President Director of telkomtelstra - see below for more details:



telkomtelstra & ipSCAPE

Komnas Perempuan, The National Commission on Violence Against Women in Indonesia, will be using ipSCAPE cloud based technology through its partner telkomtelstra.

"ipSCAPE is proud to support Komnas Perempuan to increase efficiencies in managing complaints, while improving accessibility for women experiencing violence in Indonesia to connect to support centers" Fiona Boyd, CEO ipSCAPE.

Komnas Perempuan signed a principal agreement with telkomtelstra for the development of a cloud-based contact center dedicated to providing technological improvements to Komnas Perempuan's telephone number. The initiative will also be supported by telkomtelstra's parent company, PT Telkom and Telstra, and its partner for Cloud Contact Center, ipSCAPE.




ipSCAPE has partnered with Australian based technology service provider, PAYSHIELD to develop the ipSCAPE Pay solution. ipSCAPE Pay enables our clients to process credit card payments over the phone and ensures their call centres are PCI DSS compliant, whilst maintaining voice communication with the customer.

Inbound Lead Management

Inbound Lead Management is a feature used to associate an inbound call with an outbound campaign. This is useful when the outbound automatic dialler has dialled a lead but there was no answer. If the lead has attempted to return the call the agent can search for the lead and move the call to the appropriate outbound campaign. This provides a true lead history and access to the correct wrap codes.

Call Hierarchy and NPS Recordings

This feature gives the user the ability to search for linked calls in the hierarchy (including Transfers and Post Call Surveys) so they can listen to these calls in one place.

Tag a Voice Recording

This feature enables an agent to add a virtual tag for key events while they are conversing with the Customer. This allows users reviewing the recording to skip to the moment in the call that has been tagged by the agent. This saves time in the reviewing process.




The deadline for PCI compliance passed in February this year - is your business compliant?

Non-compliance with PCI data security standards can result in fines, lawsuits and irreparable brand damage. The toughest piece of PCI for most organisations is receiving and storing sensitive credit card data. Not to worry, becoming compliant is easier than you think! Click here to discover how quickly you can meet your obligations!

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Introducing ipSCAPE PAY

Our May webinar explored ipSCAPE PAY - a new PCI DSS compliant solution that enables agents to collect credit card information over the phone. 

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Watch our video to hear about how our team delivers legendary service in all facets of the business.

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Introducing Simon Daniels - our new Sales Development Manager

Great to be back, here is my brief background:

For most of my early career I worked with outsourcers in the contact centre space, I cut my teeth working on behalf of banks managing the distribution of insurance products.

My roles were primarily in operations (leading sales teams, training & recruitment) and change management (process design and culture change).

My time with ipSCAPE started in 2009, as the Software trainer. Over the years, I have managed the Service desk, project managed client implementations and acted as account manager for our clients.

Overlapping with my time at ipSCAPE, I started a contact centre consultancy/training company. I helped set up the Peakbound operation, and I was engaged by Citibank to audit their outsource partners in Manila, and provide strategic options for increasing sales performance.

Most recently, I built a business working with Superannuation funds (super consolidation) and establishing lead generation partnerships between financial institutions and distribution partners.



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